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Providing perinatal clinical psychology support to expecting mothers and new parents during pregnancy and the postnatal period


Perinatal Psychology Support

For most families, this is a time of great excitement and joy. However, adjusting to pregnancy and parenthood can take a toll on the mental and emotional wellbeing of parents. 


I know that there are so many parents feeling tired, stressed, isolated and down. Investing in yourself, practicing self-care and focusing on your mental health is a necessary part of your happiness as a parent, and you do not need to journey alone. No parent should feel like they are doing it all on their own,

yet so many are! 

Imagine if you could learn to be gentle and nurture yourself, and to understand that all of us are engaged in the same parenting and motherhood challenges. 

Through evidence based approaches as well as first hand experience, I can assist with a range of emotional challenges including pregnancy counselling, postnatal depression, postnatal anxiety

and more.



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