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I am a mother of three young children and a Clinical Psychologist. I draw on my own personal journey, in a warm and genuine way, to help expecting mothers and new parents reach their potential during a time of big adjustments, and create a kind, loving and nurturing space at home.


I started my career ten years ago working in the disability sector with children and their parents, and individually with young adults. It was my second pregnancy which resulted in me changing paths and becoming who I am today. 


During routine prenatal testing, my husband and I found out that our son had an extremely rare genetic disorder which the doctors couldn’t tell us much about, other than he would have extra needs. To say this was an overwhelming time of our lives would be an understatement. Living with the uncertainty and trying to maintain normalcy for our daughter who was two at the time was a struggle. At the end of my pregnancy I made the decision to have time away from work until I knew what our new “normal” would be.


As life had it, we ended up having another son soon after. This is when I truly felt the struggle and ended up seeking help. Now having engaged in therapy myself, I understand firsthand how uncomfortable, scary, and challenging, but also how freeing, relieving and life-changing it can feel. I wholeheartedly believe that it is the struggle that makes us strong and that we can find strength in our vulnerability, and freedom when we are able to accept and nurture all parts of ourselves. 



Through this process of self-discovery, I knew that I was meant to work alongside others through their journey of pregnancy and parenthood. It is my privilege to be alongside you as you connect to your values and navigate the world of parenthood.